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Events and Adventures joins forces!

NEW SPONSOR ALERT!!!! The largest private social club in America and Canada is joining forces with BossUp Houston Network and Amber Neal Productions to help SINGLES all over America and Canada to find friendships, love (average 50 marriages a year Nationwide), check off the bucket list, learn your City and travel all over the world with over 50,000 members!

I am very excited to announce our newest strategic partnership! I am personally very excited about this as I have worked with Events & Adventures Houston for 15 years helping SINGLES find love As you have heard me say many times on the news that meeting in groups is great, especially when you are in a new city especially with so many dangers of meeting on online or at a bar! Say that you heard on The Amber Neal Show, Matchmaker Hotline and #BossUP6monthsfree* redeem 6 months FREE with purchase of a one year membership! Get 18 months for the price of 12 (added to the end of your membership)! Call today 800-386-0866 or set your appointment for screening at

Tag your single friends because it is holiday season and the Halloween parties, Friendsgiving and New Years Eve parties are must attend and EPIC!

They have 13 locations all over the US and Canada and offer VIRTUAL events!! They do travel together all around the world! Check out a city near you ! You do not have to live in a major city to attend the virtual events!


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