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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: As the #Official Publicist for Becoming HoustonReality Show, created by Executive Producer Rosalyn Jorden, I am super honored and happy to announce that there is enough interest in this PILOT season with an All-Star CAST featured here, that we are announcing a CASTING CALL for SEASON ONE! We will be shopping this to the Major Networks. If you think that you know someone, or want to nominate yourself, please send your headshot,bio and resume to! This is a closed casting. It is INVITE ONLY. PLEASE NOTE: WE WANT MEN AND WOMEN, MULTI-CULTURAL, PROFESSIONAL - EQUAL OPPORTUNITY!! Are you Becoming Houston? Are you REALLY making a big name for yourself in H-town? Do you give back? Is it just a dream and a plan to make it happen? Who is on your team? How did you get into your respective field? What is your mission and passion in life? Why do you think YOU or THEY are Becoming Houston? On a personal note, apparently, I "became Houston so much in the Pilot Season, EP Rosalyn Jorden has asked me to handle the Public Relations Management. I am super happy to be part of this project and even more proud of of the ladies Day Edwards Nissi Lamark Sybil Monieke Melissa Jenise Greggs and Curstin Thestylistfeatured here, who in their own right truly are Becoming Houston <3

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